Thursday, January 3, 2008

Mavs Get Revenge In Dallas

The Mavs have figured out how to be effective against the Warriors. Give credit to Avery Johnson. He's a smart coach and has a multitude of talent on that roster. The Warriors did not deserve to win on Wednesday night. I don't know if it was nerves or if they got amnesia when the plane landed in Dallas, but they forgot how to play basketball. There was no ball movement in the half court leading to open catch and shoot looks or dribble penetration. No, it was Stephen and Baron missing jumpers and forcing up shots that were well contested. If it wasn't for Al Harrington's sharp shooting, this could have been uglier. The Mavs had already established momentum before the Warriors recognized that Harrington was too much for Erick Dampier on the perimeter. They did not survey the defense for mismatches. I would bet that Avery showed the film of the Warriors versus Detroit on Dec. 16, a game in which Baron only scored 2 points. He scored only ten against the Mavs, playing under his all star standard.
This loss bothers me to know that Charles Barkley is smiling with bottle of Louis XIII. And the softest MVP in NBA history scored 29. The Mavs are a good team, better than the Warriors right now. Its now the Warriors' turn to make the necessary adjustments. We'll see Mar.30 at Oracle.

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