Wednesday, March 12, 2008

3-1 is not bad for the road trip to the Southeastern part of the country. Disapointing was the loss the the Bobcats, as the beloved J Rich singed the W's for 42 points. Harrington had only 6 points that game which is not enough. Harrington is a barometer for the GS offense. If Harrington can give the W's 20 points, there is a good chance they will win. Impressive was the win in Orlando on the second day of back to back games. The play of Mickael Pietrus has no doubt been a factor in Warriors winning ways. He is playing for a contract, so whether he comes back or not, he will be trying to show reason for GM's to give him a look. Thats just fine as long as it translates to helping the W's win games.

The Warriors exercised the option in Don Nelson's contract to bring him back next year. Should he accept, Nelly will make over 5 mil. Warrior fans most likely won't get an answer until summer as Nelly will consult his wife, Baron Davis, Stephen Jackson, and the rest of the team. (SF Chronicle, David White, Mar. 12, 2008)

Tonight the W's have Toronto at home and tomorrow travel to Phoenix to take on the Suns.

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