Monday, March 24, 2008

W's Blow 26 Point Lead, Yet Survive

No!...Yes! That's what Warriors fans were thinking when Stephen Jackson launched the first of two ice cold three point makes on the last two possessions of the game against the Lakers on Easter Sunday.

The W's proved again why they are the most excited team to watch in the NBA. They couldn't have played any better in the first half as they went into the locker room with a 23 point lead. They finished the half with a 13-0 run. Jackson went 4-4 beyond the arc in the first quarter and turned the Lakers over to get 25 points off the fast break.

If the first half was night, then the second half was day (or actually the third quarter) as a determined Laker team came out and played gritty defense. The Warriors fell into a pattern of settling for easy jumpers that didn't fall, lacked motion in the half court offense, let Derrick Fisher go 3-4 from three, and only scored 15 points.

The game was eventually drew even with about six minutes left and the W's picked their game back up and made some plays. The most crucial were the two three pointers by Stack Jack to close the deal. I don't think I've ever seen a player quite like Stephen Jack. He can be very hot or very cold during the course of the game, but when it comes down to the final minute, find him. He's got no conscience and believes in himself. Jack is a gambler, but has proven over and over, since winning a championship with San Antonio in 03', that there is no shot too big.

These teams will rematch tonight, this time at Oracle. It doesn't get any more playoff like than this. If the Playoffs started now, the Lakers would be the #1 seed and the Warriors would be #8. Get out the gold "We Believe' T's because things are looking a lot like last season. As Barnett says, the Warriors are "very capable" of taking two straight from the Lakers.

Briefly...Nowitski will probably miss the game at Oracle Sun. 3/30 with his left leg injury suffered against the Spurs. Sorry Dirk, but thanks.

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