Monday, April 7, 2008

Warrios and Nuggets Sputter Toward Finishline

These last few weeks have revealed the Warriors as a fatigued unit. The starters are doing the best job they can in spite of Don Nelson playing them 40 minutes a game. (I refer specifically to Davis, Ellis, and Jackson)

They have been getting killed on transition defense. They push the ball up
at their usual lightning speed, but get got killed by Jason Kidd, Tony Parker, and Chris Paul on counter fast breaks.

Nelson has admitted the team is fatigued, but he still plays essentially a six man rotation. Azibuike has shown his versatility as a solid defender, a capable scorer, and aggressive rebounder. Nelson does not trust Barnes, Belinelli, Wright, or Watson. Pietrus was starting to come around as the X factor until this groin injury has sidelined him.

These West conference teams have too many weapons off the bench to wear down the W's. Thanks to Denver's lack of consistency, the Warriors are still tied for that final playoff spot. The biggest game of the season will be this Thursday, this is, if the W's can handle Sac at home.

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