Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Marbury A Target?

With Baron Davis now at home in Southern California with the Clippers and Monta Ellis out until at least mid-season with a torn up ankle, the only Warrior point guard on the roster with any real experience is Marcus Williams, and even he's still relatively green. Last week, Shaun Livingston's name was thrown out there as a possible add for the guard deprived W's, but apparently he didn't impress Nelly and the Warriors brass with workouts he performed for them. Now a new name has popped up and this one is intriguing. Warrior play-by-play announcer, Bob Fitzgerald, discussed on his radio show recently about Stephon Marbury being a possible target for the team.

I personally see no harm in taking a shot on Marbury. Marbury also is about to be waived by the Knicks, so the Warriors could have a real legit shot at attaining him. An ankle injury slowed him last season and he only scored 13 points with 5 assists per game in 24 contests, but if fully recovered, he could be a dynamic presence for a team looking for a ball handler. He could thrive in the fast paced offense that Nelly runs and it really could rejuvenate his career. Look what happened to Baron Davis when he came to Northern California. Look what happened to Stephen Jackson. Both of those guys have played their best ball of their career here and the W's could be just what Marbury needs to get going again. Now, a lot of risks would come with adding Marbury, but I say they would be well worth it. At this point, without Ellis for the foreseeable future, the Warriors are not a playoff team and not even that close to being one. Add a healthy, hungry Stephon Marbury and it would certainly boost their chances. If I were Chris Mullin, I would be on the phone with "Starbury's" agent 24/7 trying to work something out as soon as he's 86'd from New York.

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