Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Impeach Warriors' President Rowell

The embarrassing loss to Memphis told much about this ever developing Warriors team. Every time Al Harrington touched the basketball, I thought, "No!". He's a black hole when the ball touches his hands. I would go as far as saying he is a waste of space. His shooting is streaky, he rarely takes advantage of mismatches in the post, and he hardly rebounds. He is one of the softest 6'-9" players in the League. (Maybe a possible trade for a decent point guard?) Maggette has been bad, but I think he would be more effective along side a point guard to run the show.

I am more concerned about the future of this still rebuilding franchise. I would like to believe the return of Monte Ellis will spark a return to their winning ways, but the situation is more complex behind the scenes. And behind the scenes I refer to Warriors team president Robert Rowell.

This smug, little egotistical suit is doing his best to stunt the Warriors' growth as an organization. His fine on Ellis is beyond excessive, leaving the 23 year old feeling alienated and resentful, and he has publicly patronized Chris Mullen in the Ellis press conference. Mullen's contract expires after this season and there have been no discussions of contract extension. I wager Mullen is out next season.

I have a brooding feeling that Rowell could very well be the next prodigal Bay Area Sports executive behind the 49ers York family and the Raiders Al Davis.

In the spirit of election night, get this weasel out of power as the team president before he pisses off everyone in the organization. If Rowell costs the Warrior's Ellis in the long run, Monte will put up 40 every time he comes back to Oracle.

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