Monday, November 3, 2008

Warriors Looking Sloppy Early

Yes, the Warriors are missing their most talented player in Monta Ellis, but that doesn't excuse them for the way they have started the season. After just getting by New Jersey on Saturday for their first win of the season, the Warriors rolled into Memphis and had their rears handed to them by a Grizzly team in full rebuild mode. The Warriors could have won each of their first two games this season, but didn't look good in the 4th quarter and couldn't hang onto the games. But they've basically been in each of their first 4 games. That wasn't the case for Monday's game which was just all around ugly. The Warriors only managed 79 points against the Grizzlies while getting only 19 points from there two starting forwards Corey Maggette (13) and Al Harrington (6). Harrington needs to score at least 15 points a night to be of any value to this team because he doesn't play very good defense and he's not a great rebounder. Maggette has been pretty quiet in his first week as a Warrior. He struggled at the end of the Toronto game on Halloween and missed some crucial shots late in the game that could have brought the Warriors back, then didn't show up at all really in the Memphis game as the Warriors went quietly in the second half.

While Harrington and Maggette need to be more consistent, I am liking what I've seen in Stephen Jackson and Andris Biedrins. Jackson is leading the team in scoring through the first 4 games and Biedrins is staying true to form as he just keeps getting better and better each year. Biedrins was averaging 18 points and 12 boards before Monday nights 16-22 effort. Over the last 2 years, Don Nelson has tended to site Biedrins late in games due to his free throw percentage, but so far this year, Biedrins is showing that he needs to be on the floor at all times.

Note: The Warriors have not been getting consistent play out of their point guard position early on and with the way things are going for Stephon Marbury in New York, I can't help but think of a possible Knicks-Warriors trade. I talked about this possibility before the season when Marbury was on the trade block and now it just looks like it's a matter of time before Marbury is out. Not sure what the Knicks would want in return for Steph, but it can't be too much. I know Marbury is no longer the star he was 5-10 years ago, but I still think he has some good years left and can still play at a pretty high level. The Warriors need someone who can handle the ball and take the pressure off of Captain Jack, and Marbury could be that guy. Most likely, it's not going to happen, but keep an eye on this situation.

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