Thursday, November 13, 2008

Warriors Play Well Despite Youthful Mistakes

The Warriors should have been able to pull out a win tonight against the Pistons. Biedrins was all over the offensive glass, Jackson made plays on offense, and Maggette had a great start in the second half.

What happened? As coach Nelson identified, the Pistons used Rasheed Wallace as the center and moved him out to the perimeter in the middle of the third quarter. This opened space the paint for Iverson and Rip Hamilton to drive by the over matched Warriors back court. The Pistons also tightened up their D invited the W's to throw up perimeter shots that didn't fall.

The Warriors made a good push in the end, but the Pistons virtually ended the game when Rasheed Wallace nailed his second three pointer on consecutive possessions with roughly three minutes remaining in the game. The second three was at the expense of a careless C.J. Watson turnover, created by the hustle and awareness of Iverson.

The Warriors played a great first half and shot themselves in the foot with youthful mistakes down the stretch. Give credit to the Pistons and coach Michael Curry for making the right adjustments in the third quarter against crafty coach Nelson.

The Pistons are a deep team that can adapt to a variety of styles and have a chance to represent the Eastern Conference in the NBA Finals.

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