Thursday, November 6, 2008

Who To Target For Harrington?

Al Harrington has demanded a trade and Don Nelson has made it clear over the past couple days that he Harrington will get his wish, likely sooner than later. It's no secret that the Warriors are looking for a decent player in return for Harrington who, when right, can be one of the top scoring forwards in the league, and they have a big hole at the point guard position right now. Here are a few ideas as far as players to target for Harrington.

Kyle Lowry, PG Memphis: Not the most exciting point guard out there, but very solid all around, especially on the defensive end of the court. The Warriors reportedly had interest in the 22 year-old Memphis guard last season as a back-up to Baron Davis before the trade deadline, but nothing ever materialized. Lowry has never really gotten big minutes, but in those rare occasions, he has looked worthy. Memphis would love to add a scoring forward like Harrington who could help out Marc Gasol and Darrell Arthur. The Grizzlies are also seeking an outside shooter and Harrington (11 three's in five games) would fit that mold. Harrington is more valuable right now than Lowry, so maybe a Harrington for Lowry and Quinton Ross, who would be another very good defender off the bench, might spark the W's interest.

Raymond Felton, PG Charlotte: The Bobcats aren't likely to part with Felton too soon, but they did just draft D.J. Augustin and he figures to be their point guard of the future. A potential frontline of Harrington-Wallace-Okeafor looks pretty darn good, not too mention versatile and athletic, so that may entice the Bobcats to make a move for the disgruntled Warrior. The Cats and the Warriors just made a huge trade a little over a year ago (J-Rich for Brandan Wright) so they something tells me they'll be in contact with each other. However, Felton is still very much a part of the Bobcat rotation so the Warriors may need to offer more to pry him away. He would be an ideal fit here though and could become a terrific 6th man off the bench once Monta Ellis returns.

Sebastien Telfair, PG Minnesota: Telfair is probably more attainable than the two guards above, but still has a spot with the T-Wolves so they aren't going to give him away. The T-Wolves don't really need Harrington, but they may have interest in him as a mentor to Kevin Love as well as Corey Brewer. Not to mention it would give them a rock solid front-court led by Harrington, Love and Al Jefferson with Corey Brewer and Ryan Gomes in the mix as well. The T-Wolves also have Randy Foye who they have starting at the point, but it looks like they aren't 100% sold on him manning that position (some feel he's more suited for the 2 spot) so they may hesitate to deal Telfair until they figure that out. If the Warriors could somehow acquire him, something tells me the youngster from Brooklyn could take his game to the next level under the tutelage of Don Nelson and playing with Monta Ellis and Stephen Jackson.

Stephon Marbury, PG New York: I've mentioned Marbury here before so you already know my feeling on that situation. The Knicks reportedly contacted the Warriors about Harrington though, and you have to believe that Marbury's name was brought up. Marbury can still play. If he's healthy, which he apparently is, he's still a top 15-20 point guard in this league, maybe not quite as good as Chauncey Billups, but not far behind. The only problem with him is his large contract and his recent injury woes. If the W's could get the Knicks to eat a large portion of that then it would seem like a pretty good fit for both teams.

Again, these names are just pure speculation, but they are players who have been made available, and the proposals I mentioned would really work out for both parties involved. Anyway, the Warriors should be targeting a point guard in this deal, and they should be able to get one that can start for them until Ellis comes back. If they can't do that, there really is no sense in trading Harrington unless they are getting another player of equal value, or somebody's first rounder for next year.

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Ben Fendel said...

I've read that the Bobcats are trying to move Gerald Wallace. What a great fit he would be with the warriors once Ellis returns. I know we need a point guard, but I think CJ and Nelson can hold it down. And what's up with Marcus Williams? Is he going to see any time?