Friday, November 7, 2008

Wright Makes His Case

Unlike resent years, the Warriors now depend on the performance of the front line to win. Their is not much of a fast break without Davis and Ellis. Enter Brandan Wright, coming into the game to relieve a struggling Al Harrington. Wright put up 19 points and 11 rebounds, both career highs. When listening to the 'Don Nelson' show during Razor and Mr T (KNBR), Coach Nelson seemed impressed with Wright, but not fully sold. We know Nelly likes to have four players on the floor at all times that can shoot. Wright maybe has 15 ft. range if he's wide open, but his versatility can add to Nelly's run and gun more than you think. His length on defense can cause turn overs on the defensive end to ignite fast fast breaks, not to mention ability to gather loose balls and defensive rebounds.

The Warriors should continue to start Wright and bring in Harrington while leading to finish teams off. That is, until Harrington is dealt.

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Ben Fendel said...

I was at Wednesday's game where B. Wright "broke out" and it was awesome. So true how the fast break really starts with steals and blocks on the defensive end, and Wright can really run the floor well.

I really also like seeing Buke growing so confident, and taking it right at defenses on the break like we've grown so accustomed to Ellis doing.