Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Baron Sorely Missed

The Warriors would not have choked against the Heat on Monday if Baron Davis was still on this team. A lot of things wouldn't have fallen apart if Baron was still the floor general. The Warriors have three players that can go for 30 points on any given night, but they lack a player that can value possessions, guide the young players, and finish close Baron Davis. I can't confidently say that the situation will be much brighter when Monte gets back. Ellis can do amazing things on the court, but he is still a natural shooting guard. It has never been more apparent how much Baron made everyone on his team better.

Like Don Nelson, I don't see the Warriors making the playoffs this season. Playoff teams play defense and the Warriors could very well be the worst possible defensive team in the NBA. Their 110 points allowed per game is a league worst.

It looks like the W's are dangerously close to slipping back into sorriness, a team that barely treads water in the NBA sea. Remember the days of Erick Dampier, Larry Hughes, Antwan Jamison...Bimbo Coles? No more 'Mr. Nice Guys'? Of course you don't remember, as unpleasant memories tend to get blocked out. Baron really did more for this team than make them winners, he helped us forget some dismal history. Look at the bright side Warriors fans: The band wagon "We Believe" fans will begin to disappear allowing broke die-hards like myself to move from the Upper Level to empty Lower Level seats after the first quarter.

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