Friday, December 5, 2008

Familiar Fourth Quarter Faulter

The Warriors looked determined to break their seven game losing streak against a Houston team without Tracy McGrady. The Warriors looked sharp, getting contributions from everyone, as six players put up double figures in the scoring column.

Similar to the loss on Monday against the Heat, the Warriors executed beautifully for three quarters only to crumble in the the fourth. The W's surrendered 43 points in the fourth to allow the Rockets to stack 131 total. Foul trouble was a factor to the Warriors downfall as they were outscored 36-15 from the foul line. This is the first game all season where I honestly believe the refs got overly involved and changed the outcome with missed calls that benefited the Rockets. It matters not because the Warriors will not snap the losing streak until they can find some kind of defensive identity to finish games. Tomorrow they play the Spurs in San Antone. If I heard correctly, they have not won in that building in 20 games. (Fact check) It looks like the best chance to snap the streak will be against the Thunder on Monday. (If they they don't let Collison go for 35 and 20)

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Trevor said...

No more mr. Nice guys indeed. This is getting pathetic. 5-14??? Lottery pick in July looking very likely.