Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Jameer Nelson Lights It Up

The Warriors caught a break in playing Orlando minus Dwight Howard, but the Warriors learned this Orlando team is much more than Dwight Howard. Backup center Marcin Gortat played nicely grabbing boards and scoring when his number was called.

The Magic began to leave the Warriors in the dust with about six and a half minutes left in the third quarter. Jameer Nelson striped three three 3-pointers on consecutive Orlando possessions and scored 15 of his 32 in the third quarter. Courtney Lee finished the game in the fourth quarter with deadly efficient shooting.

The Warriors didn't play all that bad. They played a great first half and even had the lead at certain moments. It came down to poor shooting by everyone, aside from Belinelli, versus the variety of shooters on Orlando.

Anyone who has watched the Warriors this season understands there is talent on this team, but it comes with glaring weaknesses. For instance, Crawford can give you 30 points on any given night, but he allows too much dribble penetration. Turiaf...I love his tenacity on blocking shots, but he leaves himself out of position for defensive rebounding. This team needs more than 4 rebounds per game from Roni. Stephen Jackson is just stone cold shooting from the floor. It probably has something to do with his wrist injury. Anthony Morrow is pretty worthless if he's not hitting shots. Amazingly, the hottest players at this point are Marco Belinelli, Kelenna Azubuike, CJ Watson, and Crawford.

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