Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Offense Bad, Defense Worse. (How's the Ankle Monte?)

Watching this Warriors team is getting more difficult every game. I can't think of a softer defense than Don Nelson's team. It seems like there is always a player on the opposing team who plays way over his head to burn the Warriors. Against Orlando (well, I guess it was anyone in a white jersey) but primarily Jameer Nelson. Against Miami, it was Daequan Cook. These are good players, but that's what the scouting report is for. Warriors defender leave three point shooters alone and reach for the ball against dribble penetraters, like Chris Duhon of the Knicks.

Granted, the Warriors played without Jackson, Crawford, Maggette, and still no Monte. Realistically, I shouldn't have expected much from the warm-up suit crew known as the bench. Over the past two contests, quite frankly, have sucked. I am disappointed with not only the play on the floor, but Coach Nelson's decision making in who plays.

I have just about given up on Anthony Morrow. The League has adjusted to his catch and shoot style and he constantly fails to show he can adapt, plus he's constantly getting burned on D. It's becoming ever more obvious why he went undrafted. He' gotta go. I believe CJ Watson will be a solid backup PG in the NBA someday. He needs to be a better on the ball defender and execute on the fast break more effectively. DeMarcus Nelson is still too raw. I like his on the ball D and ability to get to the rim. He would be best suited as a bench player for a great offensive rebounding team like the Jazz. I just don't see minutes for him on this team when everyone gets healthy. Azubuike has been streaky with his three point shooting but his willingness to rebound erases poor shooting spells. Whatever happens, the front office needs to keep Belinelli, Randolf, and Wright.

Negative talk about Don Nelson is getting louder in the Bay Area. Does his unconventional small lineup strategy suit the players on his roster? Is it time for the Warriors to consider a new vision? With a two year multi million dollar contract extension, does Don Nelson care?

The two upcoming games feature real basketball teams: the Celtics and the Lakers. During these two games, the Warriors will slip back into the cellar. A laughing stock team. I look forward to Christmas day, so I can watch a real basketball game between the Celtics and Lakers. No pulling my hair out as my Warriors let the eighth guy off the bench pour in 20 plus. "No More Mr. Niceguys," he we come.

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