Friday, December 19, 2008

Warriors Drop Two Straight, Path Ahead Looks Tough

It isn't surprising news to learn the Warriors have lost another game. The last two losses to the Pacers and Hawks highlight the W's struggle in the first and forth quarters. After tip-off, the W's are simply not matching the energy of opponents which leads to getting way behind way early. The second and third quarters are the moments when players find some urgency to actually "D-up" and make some shots. Then the forth quarter rolls around. The hot shooting dissipates under pressure and the defense is scrambling.

It's not hard to see this team is bad, a tough reality after the success of the last two seasons. Tomorrow, the W's will travel to Charlotte to take on the Bobcats. This will probably be the last realistic chance for a win until December 31 against the Thunder.Upcoming games: (After Charlotte) @ Orlando, @ Miami, vs. Boston, @ Lakers, vs. Toronto, then the Thunder at Oracle. If our terrible Warriors cannot beat the Bobcats, we could be looking at an unfathomable 11 game skid.

Let's take a look at personnel, beginning with the coach. It seems many subjects of Warrior nation have rebuked the beloved coach Nelly. "Why does he play undrafted rookies over his first round draft picks? (Morrow, Kurz) It's bothersome to think the W's gave away Jason Richardson for nothing. I wish people would give Brandan wright a chance. (Mostly coach Nelly) I have been thrilled with the play of Belinelli. His offensive upside is tremendous. If the Warriors were healthy, he could be a difference maker of the bench.

The W's are rumored to have been considering a trade with the Bobcats to acquire Raymond Felton for either Brandan Wright or Anthony Crawford. I like Raymond Felton, but not for one of those guys. I also think the Crawford trade was dumb. I know Harrington was a cancer, but at least he played an ounce of defense compared to Crawford's gram.

As the year continues to unfold, we who deserves to stay around. Is Nelson the best coach for this team? Did the W's give away Richardson for Wright? Was the Maggette signing a bad move? The Crawford trade foolish?

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