Thursday, December 11, 2008

Warriors Win Second Straight, Young Bench Emerges

The Warriors are finally catching some breaks after experiencing some painful growing pains. The players of the future are blossoming before our eyes as CJ Watson, Marco Belinelli, and Anthony Morrow have answered the call of duty as Corey Maggette has been injured.

Belinelli took over the fourth quarter, and finished with 19 points on 5-7 shooting. Marco also looked comfortable handling the ball in the half court and set up his team mates nicely on two occasions. He had the play of the night with a fade away shot that floated in from behind the backboard! (youtube it) Morrow has looked more like he did during his first two starts where he scored 37 and 25 in consecutive games. Perhaps the most under rated, yet most valuable is Watson. He is hitting his midrange jumper with high efficiency and grabbing desperately needed rebounds...remind you of anyone? Hint, hint...I'm referring to the soon-to-be-back Monta Ellis. Matt Steinmetz reported Monta is looking strong in his rehab, good news to Warriors fans that have been chomping at the bits to see the most exiting player on this team.

The Warriors have paid their dues, going through some harsh road series, and now things look more optimistic. The young players are showing growth and confidence, Monta Ellis is due back soon , and the Warriors will be on their home court most of January and February.

Things are getting intriguing more and more after every game. The W's are stacked with guards that can score. Crawford, Maggette, Ellis, Watson, Morrow, Belinelli, Azubuike...If the youngsters continue to get more confident, the Warriors could have a pretty good bench.

The rematch against the Rockets at Oracle will be a good test of the young players stellar play of late.

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