Friday, July 25, 2008

Ellis/Biedrins Re-signed as Warriors Look Ahead

The signing of Monte Ellis and Andris Biedrins is relief to Warrior nation. Sure, Ellis is expected to take on starting point guard duties, but this Nelson coached offense far from conventional. Anyone who has watched the W's in the past two years knows Monte can make plays and Andris is a 22 year-old center on the rise. The time spent under Baron's wing has helped Monte understand how to attack a defense and Biedrins how to work without the ball.

The Warriors were spoiled to have Baron in the sense that Davis was a coach on the court, an alpha hooper which the team rallied around. Now the torch has been passed to Stephen Jackson. Will he be able to lead this team without Baron's leadership to keep him grounded?

In the last two years, Baron has been the Warriors' barometer. If he played poorly, the Warriors probably lost. But this is the post 2006-07 playoff era. No more Baron, no more Richardson. A fan couldn't ask for two better stars, but this new team should be just fine. Now that Davis is gone, the team has several go-to players.

Lets talk about the free agent signings. The Correy Magette signing puzzled me at first. He's basically a small forward, a job firmly secured by Jack, plus he's injury prone. I expected Mullen to make a stronger push for Elton Brand or Josh Smith. The acquisition of Turiaf isn't the sexiest, but he can spell Andris and platoon with improved Brandan Wright. I was hoping Mullen would allocate more free agent funds to the point guard position. Maybe push for Raymond Felton from the Bobcats (since they drafted DJ Augustin). But I really like Marcus Williams. He is a true point guard. He's got college ball experience at UConn, playing with Memphis' Rudy Gay, and is a terrific passer. His defense could be better, but his offensive upside adds depth to the W's befuddled roster reconstruction.

Will the Warriors make the Playoffs? Are they done making moves? You'll have to tune in next week.