Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Opening Tip-Off Tomorrow Night

Tomorrow night the Warriors will open up the 2008-09 season against the New Orleans Hornets. Golden State would be the underdog, even if they had a healthy Monte Ellis. The question is, who is most likely to pick up the scoring that Ellis gives this team?

Of course it is impossible to replace the "one-man fast break", a term used by Jim Barnett in reference to Ellis' ability to leave opponents in the dust. There are two players that have continued to develop their game since last season and will have to make scoring contributions if this team is to have a chance. They are Kelenna Azubuike and Brandan Wright.

Azubuike has shown he can shoot the three at a high percentage, make smart decisions with the ball, as well as help rebound. Kelenna is the Warriors' Swiss army knife and expect his role to increase from last season. Brandan Wright is another player who impressed Warriors fans last season and Coach Nelson. Beidrins, Wright, and now Turiaf allows this team to match up against the rugged front lines of the Western Conference.