Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Blake Griffin Atop Warriors' Wishlist

The Warriors have been resting the past two days and prepare for a three game road trip down South to wrap up January, beginning in Dallas on Wednesday night. Good news is Jamal Crawford expects to suit up, allowing us to finally see Crawford and Ellis in the backcourt together.

Last night, however; I had no NBA action to watch. This is fine because I love college hoops, too. I like to scout out teams that can take me all the way in the March Madness bracket pool at work and drool over "could be" Warriors if they continue to lose and increase their chances for a lottery pick.

The college hoops player I most desire to be in a Warriors uniform is Blake Griffin of Oklahoma University. Griffin is averaging 22 points per game and 14 rebounds for the Sooners this season. Last night he put up 26 and 19 in a road win over rival Oklahoma State. The 6'10" Griffin is indeed a unique talent, possessing the strength to contend with Western Conference power forwards and the athleticism and mobility to put the ball on the floor and create for himself as well as run the length of the court in transition. His only flaws are sometimes turning the ball over when the inevitable double team arrives and his 60% FT shooting. If the Warriors were able to get Griffin without giving up too much, their chances to be in the playoffs would increase tremendously.

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