Monday, January 19, 2009

Warriors Win Again, Maggette Thrives as Sixth Man

As the All-Star break approaches, the Warriors are coming together nicely and Don Nelson's lineup is becoming less experimental. Specifically, I refer to Corey Maggette's new role as sixth man. It's strange to consider a guy who scored 22 points per game last year as a sixth man, but it has proven to be best for Corey and the team.

By coming off of the bench, Maggette can come into the game looking to do what eh does best, which is attack the rim and score. Not only has he put up points in the past few games, but he has made an effort to rebound, something this team needs more than anything at this point. With the immanent return of Monte Ellis, Maggette's role of the sixth man should become more set, with Anthony Randolf as the seventh man. With Belinelli and Wright on the inactive list, Morrow and Randolf should see plenty of opportunity to prove themselves. Randolf has already shown he can be a solid contributor in many facets, but Morrow's future is still in the air. Its obvious he can shoot from long distance at a very high percentage. He can't really put it on the floor if he's crowded, but he can catch and shoot as good as Ray Allen, Daequan Cook ,or any three point sniper. Seriously, he's deadly. Morrow just needs to be out there with Crawford, Jackson, or someone who can get in the paint and has the vision to dish it out to Morrow planted beyond the arc.

With upcoming home games against manageable opponents, the W's should be able to get some games back from the losses taken during some of the ugly road trips earlier this year.

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