Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Clippers Shoot Warriors Down in LA

After a stretch of improvement, the Warriors slipped back into poor form, losing to the Clippers in frustrating fashion. Baron Davis finally got a chance to burn his old mates, nearly achieving a triple double going for 25 points, 10 assists, and 9 rebounds. Baron was able to get in the lane at will and often found Eric Gordon for wide open three point looks. Baron was good, but Gordon's 6 for 7 three point shooting made the difference. For the first 7 minutes the Warriors ran the Clippers off the court, jumping out 23-11. The Clippers subsequently called a timeout, which seemed to make a difference. When the Clippers returned to the court, Baron hit three's on back to back possessions and created and a wave of momentum that left the Warriors playing catch-up the rest of the game.

The Clippers shot the ball unusually well, making 13-24 three's, but the Warriors allowed this with uninspiring defense. There was no urgency to close out on perimeter shooters (Gordon), no hustle back on defense after a missed shot, and inconsistent effort to chase loose balls. The W's played as though they were entitled to possession of the ball and wined for foul calls instead of being patient and moving the basketball.

Its obvious to anyone who follows the Warriors that Anthony Randolph needs to start or at least play 25 or more minutes per game. I would like to see more Anthony Morrow also. Coach Nelson needs to pull Crawford sooner if he opens with poor shooting and put in Morrow to stretch the floor. Crawford and Maggette shot the Warriors out of the game going a combined 8-28. At least Maggette rebounds and plays some D. Crawford does not give you defense, rebounding, and he doesn't create for other players. When Jamal is cold, he is a waste of space on the court.

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