Monday, February 2, 2009

Warriors Careless, Lose in OT

Its no surprise the Warriors lost another close game. Sure, one could argue that Ginobili flopped to get to the free throw line which tied the game and forced overtime. No, the Warriors cannot blame the refs for anything that went wrong in this disappointing loss.

The W's played well in the second and third quarters, but the only thing that mattered was the Spurs defense, which locked the Warriors up for five and a half minutes in the forth. This impotent stretch of offense allowed the Spurs to quickly erase a 12 point lead and take momentum.

I used to get upset when the Warriors blew leads and choked in the clutch, but now I expect that and I am surprised if they pull it out. First, they don't rebound. They play fine defense, but cannot finish a strong defensive sand with a rebound. What's worse is the carelessness the Warriors display with the ball. They need to win by double digits or it won't happen.

I couldn't be more disappointed with Jamal Crawford. He is one of the most talented players on the floor, but timid, unassertive, and fearful of contact. He scored four points on 2-10 shooting and failed to shoot one free throw. If Crawford isn't contributing offense, the W's are laying four guys against five because his defense is weak. If Jamal is going to play like a softy, I'd prefer to see more CJ.

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Johansen said...

History shows that Nellie's teams in the third or fourth year completely give up on playing on the defensive end of the floor and this is because of a couple reasons. First, Nellie requests that management signs and trades for players who are great offensive threats and there is no questions that many of the players are when you look at the current roster. With that said, these same players have never been asked by any of their coaches to consistently focus on the defensive end. Beginning with their AAU coaches who told them, "You just worry about putting in the basket" to their current NBA coaches. The other reason is the Nellie does not hold these guys accountable on the defensive end. If a guy gives up a straight line drive, doesn't box out, doesn't contest a shot, or doesn't run hard on transition-D its okay because he will see no consequences from such actions.