Sunday, February 15, 2009

Warriors Win Three In A Row At Home

At the All-Star break, the Warriors are 19-35 and have a three game winning streak going at Oracle. They beat the Blazers without Andris Biedrins thanks to solid combined play of Roni Turiaf and Anthony Randolph at center.

While Monta Ellis isn't as high flying as last year, he still brings his speed and urgency to fuel fast breaks and gives Don Nelson the depth to bring Corey Maggette off the bench as a sixth man. It has become apparent that the sixth man role is ideal for Maggette and the Warriors. The Warriors can get too jump shot happy in the half court and Maggette is a player that can get to the rim and the free throw line when this team needs it.

Look for more wins at home in the second half of the season, especially with improved team health. The playoffs are not completely out of the question, but highly unlikely. They need more depth on the front line and better defense to win on the road. Its not too late to tank some games and improve the probability of a lottery pick and Blake Griffin.

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Anonymous said...

Blake Griffin is going to go number 1, so the Warriors aren't going to get him. They could use a true point like Jeff Teague or the star Brandon Jennings. Maybe a power forward like Jordan Hill.