Thursday, February 19, 2009

W's Quiet as Trade Deadline Passes

The NBA's trading deadline came and passed Thursday, and the Warriors decided to stand pat. Not that it should really surprise anyone as most who follow the team knew the odds were against them adding anyone. There were still some whispers that the Warriors were in the hunt for a big man, but in all reality, this team is not going to the playoffs even if they did add a Lamar Odom (one of the big men who was said to be available). It's for the better that the 19-34 Warriors try and find out who's for real and who isn't as they build for next season and decide just exactly what they need in the draft. I hate to say that the Warriors should be playing for a higher pick and trying to loose, but it made no sense to add a player that would have helped them win another 5 games but wouldn't have made a difference in the playoff run whatsoever. The same guys who were said to be available this February (Amare Staudamire, Chris Bosh and Carlos Boozer to name a few) will be able to be had this summer when the Warriors have a better idea of just what they have.

One name who kept re-surfacing during trade talks for the Warriors was young Anthony Randolph. Nelly is finally giving in and giving the 19 year-old rookie some legit minutes and he is producing. In Wednesday nights start against the Lakers, the kid went 7-13 from the field with 12 boards, 2 blocks and a steal in under 30 minutes of play. He did get in foul trouble which kept him from really going off, but this kid looks like he's primed to break out with a 30 point, 15 rebound game here any night. On February 12th, in 14 minutes of play, Randolph had 9 points and 10 boards. Needless to say, he's figuring it out and putting up big numbers in small minutes. I'm glad the Warriors ended up hanging onto him and I hope they keep him through the summer. Brandan Wright is the one to deal. Anthony Randolph reminds me a lot of a young KG (Kevin Garnett)

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