Sunday, March 15, 2009

Ex-Warriors Burn Former Team in Highest Scoring Game of the Year

I'm embarrassed for the Warriors. Other than Stephen Jackson, this team has no heart. Monta Ellis had another good game, scoring 26, but his efforts were futile. The Suns scored 154 points.
The Suns could have scored less points in the gym by themselves. How do you let a team get 154? Were they playing quiddich and the Suns had Harry Potter at the seeker? The Suns started by continuously pounding the ball into Shaq, overmatching Turiaf on every touch. When O'Neill wasn't manhandling the Warriors rail thin front line, former Warriors Matt Barnes and Jason Richardson spent more time with their feet in the air than on the floor, combining for 51 points.

Back to the Warriors having no heart. How can you have respect for yourself as a basketball player when players on the other team are parading to the rim, again and again. It was like watching an ESPN highlight montage, but in real time. Lay up, dunk, drop step dunk, dunk, lay-up and 1...The Warriors are a joke, but the Suns are far from a serious NBA team. They will not make the playoffs. (Who wants get crushed by the Lakers in the first round anyway?)

Look at the real contenders in the NBA. The Suns and Warriors are circus teams. The defending champion Celts won with stout defense, rebounding, and pride in themselves. The Cavs, Celtics, Lakers, Spurs, and Rockets are disappointed if the opponent scores over 100, win or lose. The Nuggets, Hawks, Magic, and Jazz would not let Shaq get repeated deep catches or J Rich shoot 4 of 5 beyond the arc. Jamal Crawford is a terrible basketball player. He is one of the reasons opposing guards continuously notch double doubles against this joke of a team. Some nights he goes off, but lately he has shot the Warriors out of the game.

You know why Warriors fans hate the Spurs and the Jazz so much? Its because they kick our butts playing the game the way its supposed to be played. 154 points? C'mon, that's pitiful. What's the point in playing fastbreak basketball when the defense isn't good enough to create turnovers to run back? Everyone on this roster is expendable, except Ellis, Jackson, and Randolph. The Warriors need to trade for some tough defenders at any position. This soft group of spectators wearing uniforms doesn't deserve the support of the best fans in the league. If I were the owner, I would be sending some nasty Mark Cuban memos threatening the jobs of my employees futures.

To: All Warriors Players
From: Robert Rowell
Subject: Terrible Basketball

Do your work!

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