Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Fitz, Barnett, and Roye Speak to the Intelligent Hoop Fan

Last night the Warriors took advantage of the struggling Minnesota T'Wolves in a 118-94 beatdown. Unfortunately, I didn't witness any of the Warriors and their 6 players scoring in double figures. Instead, I got to watch a few former Warriors play.

I recently moved upstate into Kings broadcast territory, so in order to get my Warriors, I subscribed to DirecTV, as I was told I could still get Comcast Sports Network Bay Area on channel 696. Long story short, DirecTV sales people lie to get sales and the only way I can watch my W's in action involves a trip to the nearest sports bar with NBA League Pass. I digress.

As my Warriors proceeded to build their 31 point lead by halftime on the T'Wolves, I watched Troy Murphy hit his first three 3 point attempts as the Pacers went on to beat the Kings convincingly. I was bitter as I watched, checking the bottom line for updates on the Warriors game, hoping for a Stephen Jackson in-game highlight. I realized I missed the TV commentary of Bob Fitzgerald and Jim Barnett as much as the uptempo style of Warriors basketball. The Kings TV commentators were boring, behind the action, and droning. Warriors fans, be thankful for your broadcasting team. Unlike the Kings broadcasters, Fitzgerald and Barnett are always on top of the play as it unfolds and quick to relay any unclear information to the viewers. The Kings' commentators were condescending to the audience and irrelevant. When Troy Murphy caught fire from three point range, they said," He's really hitting the three tonight." Really? What percentage is he shooting this year? Career? Thanks for the incite. Be grateful that Jim Barnett respects the basketball I.Q. of the audience. Barnett provides numbers and percentages, allowing the viewers to extrapolate the significance of the play in the context of the game.

A consolation in the DirecTV robbery is NBA TV. The featured game was Suns vs. Magic. It was a treat to see Jason Richardson hitting threes and Matt Barnes playing his out of control open gym, pick up style ball. Don't forget only-hits-threes-from-the-side Mikel Pietrus, now in Orlando.

Fortunately, I still get KNBR up here. I prefer Tim Roye's call than watch a game with the unnecessary droning and irrelevance that accompanies the Kings television broadcast. I'm probably being too harsh on the Kings, upset they get the regional preference to black out my Warriors. Warriors fans have scarcely been spoiled by great teams, but the broadcasters do a good job to make up for the lack of wins and provide Warriors Nation with a good product.

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