Monday, May 25, 2009

Cavs Have More to Lose Than Series

The implications of the Eastern Conference Finals go beyond earning the right to play for an NBA Championship. The outcome of this series will effect the future of the Cleveland Cavaliers as a franchise.

In the first three games of this series, LeBron James has scored over 40 points in each game, which tells me he doesn't trust his his team mates. Why should he? As I poured milk into my cereal bowl this morning, I looked on the side of the box and I saw Mo Williams' game. It has been missing for the last week. Williams has yet to score 20 points this series versus Orlando and it's not just Williams' game that has struggled. Aside from LeBron, no Cavs player has put up a 20 point game in the Eastern Conference Finals.

What happened to the Cavs group taking imaginary photos of each other, playing loose and trusting one another? What happened to LeBron's "best supporting cast of yet?" What happened to the team with the best reord in franchise history? This team is beginning to look like the 2007 Cavs that got swept by the Spurs in the Finals, but this team doesn't look like they'll get there. They should be down 3-0 to the Magic, if not for LeBron's improbable buzzer beating three in game 2.

If the Cavs lose this series, the chances King James will continue his reign in Cleveland drop exponentially. Orlando has proven to be a difficult match up for the team with the NBA's best regular season record. Where is LeBron's help?

The Lakers have the momentum at this point. Unlike LeBron, Kobe has support and would like nothing more than to see the Cavs get bumped along with their home court advantage.

The Cavs should have used real film during their cute mock photoshoots. It would be a way to remember LeBron when he goes to play for the Knicks in 2010.

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