Friday, May 8, 2009

Warriors Wish-List

We wanted to break away from the NBA playoff talk for a post here and get back to the Warriors for a post.

In the last post, we placed a small notes section at the end of the post talking about how Chris Mullin is on his way out of Golden State and possibly on his way to New York. Assistant GM, Larry Riley, has taken over GM duties and is just waiting for things to become official. His first move could be trading Corey Maggette to Utah for forward Andrei Kirilinko. If that move were to go through, it would essentially be trading an offensive player for a defensive one, something that actually makes a whole lot of sense on the Warriors part. AK 47 isn't the premiere defender and shot blocker that he was 3-4 years ago, but he's still better than any other big man currently on the Warriors roster. Also, the Warriors have a surplus of swing man who can score the basketball, so Maggette isn't a necessity for them right now. There also was mention of the Warriors originally having interest in Carlos Boozer, but apparently they turned to Kirileno after hearing Utah's asking price for Boozer. Carlos Boozer would be just what the doctor ordered in Golden State, but Kirilenko is a more realistic possibility, and certainly makes some sense for this team.

The trade rumors had me thinking of checking into the upcoming free agent class and taking a look at potential matches for the Warriors, and there are a few interesting possibilities. If the Warriors are looking for a strong defensive presence in the front-court, they could also turn to Ron Artest, who will be free once the Rockets season ends. Lamar Odom, who the Warriors were briefly linked to during the season, is also set to become an un-restricted free agent. Even Shawn Marrion, who finished the year with the Raptors (Toronto Raptors Schedule), could come in and be a big help to this team. All of these guys would instantly make the Warriors a better all-around team, but their biggest need is in the back court where there are a few "natural point guards" set to be available.

As far as free agent point guards, Andre Miller and Jason Kidd are both scheduled to hit the market when free agency begins, though whether or not their respective teams allow it to happen remains to be seen. Kidd seems like he'd be an ideal choice as he has roots in the Bay Area (born in San Francisco and went to UC Berkley) and could come back here to finish out his career. He could also look at this team and see how close they are to having something and how much difference he'd actually make for them. I know he's no longer in his prime and isn't really getting any better, but Jason Kidd is still an impact player and if you put him on this Warriors team, it could provide Barron Davis-type results. Also, if the Warriors do end up drafting a point guard this July, what better mentor to have help them learn the league then Jason Kidd.

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