Thursday, May 28, 2009

Williams, Gibson Support James in Win

I am so sick of the Nike commercials staring LeBron and Kobe as muppets. The theme of this arrogant advertising is all about how "unstoppable" these guys are and implies both the Cavs and the Lakers are entitled to meet in the Finals. It's disrespectful to the opponents. I don't disagree that #23 and #24 are the top two talents in the world (not necessarily in that order), but the Magic and the Nuggets have proven any one player can be stopped. Of course Nike, the networks, and all the 'evil empires' out there want to see the Lakers versus the Cavs in the Finals. That would be the only way to top last years classic rivalry revisited (if you want national ratings).

You want to know why the Cavs won? Mo Williams broke the 20 point barrier. LeBron has shown he is capable of scoring at will. While scoring 40+ points per game in the Eastern Conference Finals, it hasn't always added up to his Cavs winning. I like the facilitator LeBron that trusts his supporting cast and closes the game out in the final minutes.

At this point, it wouldn't surprise me if Nike and the media world got their wish for the dream match-up of Kobe and LeBron bringing the casual fans in front of the television. While Nike attempts to stuff LeBron and Kobe down your throat, it will be Lamar Odom and Mo Williams that decide whether or not this match-up happens. I would be just as happy to watch Magic versus Nuggets.

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Myth of the Dream said...

Those commercials are exceptionally obnoxious. Watching those spoiled, arrogant, egomaniacs is like watching someone enjoy their own fart.