Monday, June 15, 2009

Lakers Net 15th NBA Title

The Los Angeles Lakers dynasty just got a little bit bigger on Sunday night, as the Lakers defeated the Orlando Magic by the score of 99-86, giving the "Lake Show" the 2009 NBA championship.

This comes as little surprise to people outside of the Florida area, as the Lakers were the big time favorites to win this thing. I do think the nation expected the Magic to put up a little bit better fight though. The one game they did win, they barely hung onto in game three and won by just 4 points. It's too bad Dwight Howard could never get into a real offensive groove, cause that would have spiced things up for sure. The Lakers, though, were just on and they truly were the best team in the NBA in 2009. Kobe Bryant's 32.4 ppg average in the finals was good enough to earn him the MVP of the series, but Pau Gasol's outstanding performances can not be overlooked. It's going to be an interesting off-season LA, as they have some personnel decisions to make, but as long as they keep Kobe, Pau and Phil, they should be just fine.

Note: Now that the NBA season has officially ended, the focus will soon shift to the NBA draft as will we here at the Warriors Rundown. There really hasn't been much Warriors talk to discuss lately, as they have just been going through some pre-draft workouts and doing internal team-assessment. They still have some things to sort out before the NBA draft next month, and one thing on the agenda is what to do with Jamal Crawford, who can opt out of his remaining 2-year contract. Stay tuned... Plenty of Warriors talk on the horizon!

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