Thursday, June 4, 2009

Magic in Trouble Against Hungry Lakers

The Lakers are going to sweep this boring series. I've seen this kind of mismatch watching Warriors games. The Lakers will allow the Magic to take all the mid-range jump-shots they can heave, just no three's and now slips on the pick and roll. The Lakers have too many big bodies (with athleticism) for Dwight Howard to go off like he has up to this point.

I'd like to see the Magic win their first championship, but they will be hard pressed to win a game. They matched up well against the Cavs, but this Lakers team is simply kryptonite 'Superman' Dwight and his Orlando team.

The Cavs would have been a better match up against the Lakers. The only way to slow down Kobe is to have a shooting guard that can wear #24 down on defense and hope he loses his legs down the stretch. The Magic have no one on offense that will force Kobe to work. He will play free safety and use every ounce of energy carving up the Magic's halfcourt D.

I bet Kobe is disappointed the Lakers don't get to face LeBron and the Cavs. Beating the Cavs and outplaying LeBron would prove to the world Kobe is the true MVP...When he went off in the third quarter of game 1, there was no player on the Magic to go toe to toe with the Momba. It's like the Lakers punched the Magic in their collective face on the playground. Instead of getting up and fighting back, the Magic stayed down and played dead. The close games of the playoffs are in the past. The only thing worth watching will be Kobe striving to stop the overused comparisons to Jordan. Now that I mention it, here's mine: Jordan had a flair for the dramatic, winning with last minute buzzer beaters. Kobe has a flair for taking care of business. He'll get his 30 plus points before the third quarter and comfortably watch from the bench. If the Lakers need 40 from him, he's back in there doin' work. Lakers in 4...boring.

So...NBA draft anyone?

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