Sunday, June 21, 2009

NBA Mock Draft: Picks 1-10

With the NBA draft right around the corner, I wanted to mix some things up in today's post, and do a mini-mock draft, projecting out the NBA draft's first 10 picks. So here we go:

1: LA Clippers: Blake Griffin, PF, Oklahoma: This is pretty much the only sure thing of the draft, much like Steven Starsburg was a couple weeks ago in the MLB draft. Griffin was the most dominating player at the college level in 2009 and should become a stud in the NBA right away.

2. Memphis Grizzlies: Ricky Rubio, PG, Italy: A lot of people think they are going to take Hasheem Thabeet here, but Rubio is really the second best player in this draft. He and OJ Mayo could give the Grizzlies a set back-court for the better part of the next decade.

3. Oklahoma Thunder: Hasheem Thabeet, C, UConn: The Thunder/Sonics have been looking for a dominant big man ever since Shawn Kemp left many years ago, and Thabeet could be that next franchise big man. He, Kevin Durant, Russel Westbrook and Jeff Green would give the Thunder a nice core to build around.

4. Sacramento Kings: Brandon Jennings, PG, Italy: The Kings could also nab Stephen Curry here, but I think they want a young, true point guard who they can build around. He and Kevin Martin would be a fine duo in the back-court and Jennings is pretty much ready to come in and play right away.

5.*Golden State Warriors: Jordan Hill, PF, Arizona: With the Warriors leaning towards giving Monta Ellis the point guard position, they're going to try and find a way to either trade up or down to get a big man. Jordan Hill, outside of Thabeet, is the best big in the draft and could line up with Biedrins and Randolph to give the Warriors a nasty defensive front-line. Only issue is, Nellie would need to run a different kind of game with all those bigs on the floor.

6. Minnesota T-Wolves: James Hardin, SG, Arizona St.: Hardin Could go anywhere from #2-6, and I think he'll end up closer to 6. He's an excellent wing player with all-around offensive ability.

7.*Washington Wizards: Stephen Curry, G, Davidson: Curry is a bit of a tweener, as he's a little small for the 2, but he's probably the most offensively refined player in the draft. Both he and Gilbert Arenas could handle the ball for the Wiz, which would make Arenas' job a lot easier coming back from his leg injury.

8. New York Knicks: Jrue Holiday, PG, UCLA: The Knicks could have interest in Holiday cause he could learn a little bit playing behind Chris Duhon to start with. Holiday is more athletic and has more size than Jonny Flynn, another option who could fall to them at 8, but I think they would rather have Holiday's upside.

9. Toronto Raptors: Gerald Henderson, G/F, Duke: Henderson can score in a number of ways and his shot is getting better each year. He's got incredible rebounding ability for his size, but the only thing is he plays like a forward and has a guards size.

10. Milwaukee Bucks: DeMar DeRozan, G/F, USC: DeRozan could be the most athletic guy in this draft, and that's saying a lot because this particular draft is packed with them. He's probably going to end up at small forward, where he could be a lot like Ron Artest. Still a project, but could be an star in 2-3 years.

*Warriors trade Jamal Crawford, cash and their number 1 pick (7 overall) to Washington for their number 1 pick (5 overall)

Note: Picks 11-30 coming Tuesday! NBA draft on Thursday with up-to-the minute coverage on the happenings with the Warriors here at The Warriors Rundown.

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