Thursday, June 25, 2009

Warriors Get Curry at 7

The NBA draft finally arrived Thursday, and in the midst of trades happening left and right, the Warriors actually stayed put at 7, and grabbed a guy who plenty of experts thought they'd end up with.

The only question going forward, is whether or not Stephen Curry will actually ever suit up for the Golden State Warriors. Apparently, Curry wasn't too excited at the prospects of going to Golden State and the Warriors could be trying to move him as the draft goes on. One potential partner could be the New York Knicks, who grabbed big man Jordan Hill at pick 8, one pick after the Warriors took the guy they wanted in Stephen Curry. The W's may have grabbed Curry, knowing that the Knicks wanted him, and planning to make a move to get more from New York than just Hill. With all the talk going on about Ellis wanting the point-guard job and to ultimately control the ball, it didn't make much sense for the Warriors to grab another guard, if they are indeed planning on having Ellis run the offense. Though Curry and Ellis could theoretically play in the same back-court together, both are more offensive minded ballplayers, while playing them together at the same time could make for an amazingly up-tempo offense, it would likely be a kiss of death on the defensive end.

All that being said, I fully expect the Warriors to deal Curry within the next few days, and I really think that the New York Knicks are the team that's going to pay the biggest price for the lean combo-guard out of Davidson. After trading Jamal Crawford for a couple of point guards in Acie Law and Speedy Claxton, it would seem like the Warriors now have bit of a log jam in the back-court. The first round pick was the Warriors only selection in the 2009 draft, so they could look to attain another pick in the second round before this things all said and done. Stay tuned, much more draft coverage to come!

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