Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Where Does Maggette Fit?

Warriors' swingman Corey Maggette completed successful surgery on his wrist in Los Angeles today. Maggette began the year in coach Nelson's starting five, but made himself into an efficient "point a minute" scorer in the sixth man role over the course of the season.

The addition of Stephen Curry creates more complication to Nelson's guard impacted roster and begs the question: how will Maggette get his minutes this season? Granted, he had some terrific games where his scoring off the bench carried the team through some poor shooting nights and his rebounding gave the undersized line up a boost, especially with Biedrins sitting for a few stretches.

While Maggette brings scoring and rebounding, he also has some tendencies that negate his productivity. Maggette is one dimensional. He is most effective when he takes his man off the dribble and goes strong to the rim, as he looks to create contact and shoot free throws. This can be good when the Warriors are doing that thing where they try to live on the perimeter. The other side of the Maggette coin is a player that clots the circulation of the basketball. I hate to use the example, but look at the Lakers on offense. They constantly set up passing options, the ball doesn't stop unless it's in Kobe's hands, and even Kobe has a back up plan when the double comes. Maggette has no passing capability or any kind of knack to create for his team mates. When he gets the ball, there is no reading the defense, he just lowers his head and tries to beat the defender to the spot.

The other part of Maggette's game that killed the Warriors last season was his terrible three point shooting, an example of bad shot selection.

I would much rather see Azubuike, Belinelli, and Morrow get playing time over Maggette. Maybe Belinelli could build some trade value and the Warriors could pad the front line. Magette would be perfect for playoff contender, like the Cavs, Spurs, or Hornets, coming off the bench to provide instant scoring.

The Warriors don't need Correy Maggette, they need someone who needs the ball less.

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