Thursday, July 2, 2009

Cavs Interested in Artest

Around the NBA with WRD

Reports indicate the Cleveland Cavs are interested in signing Ron Artest, after recently acquiring Shaquille O'Neal. These moves (if Artest signs) would be answers to the Celtics' Paul Pierce and Orlando's Dwight Howard. More importantly, this is the last year for Cavs GM Danny Ferry to give LeBron a chance to win an NBA title. Personally, I think LBJ will depart after this season, even if the Cavs win it all.

The Detroit Pistons were busy yesterday, as they signed free agents Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva. The acquisition of Gordon indicates the Pistons may be interested in shopping Rip Hamilton. Villanueva will have the privilege of studying under Rasheed Wallace, as both players share traits in the sense they are both 6'11" and can shoot from three point range. Who will be the new coach? Reports indicate Avery Johnson is the front runner for the position.

In Lakerland, signing Trevor Ariza is the largest concern, as Ariza's defense was key to winning both the Conference and NBA Finals. The busy Cavs are considering Ariza along with Artest, but the Cavs will not be able to match whatever the Lakers offer.

Stay tuned for more Warriors off-season reporting. I have a feeling Larry Riley and his puppeteer Don Nelson are not finished...

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