Sunday, July 12, 2009

Curry Sharp in Summer League

After the first two games of Summer League play in Las Vegas, the Warriors are 1-1 and Stephen Curry has met expectations. Curry scored 16 points Friday, in a loss to the Rockets, followed by a 29 point performance in an overtime win over the Kings.

The surprise player of the summer has been Cartier Martin, a second year forward out of Kansas State, who scored 14 and 27 in the first two games. Martin is a 6'-7" 220 guard/forward and if he makes the team, he would be competing against Corey Maggette and Kelenna Azubuike for playing time, not to mention Stephen Jackson depending on how small Nellie wants to play. If Martin can play defense without fouling and show initiative to rebound, he'll most likely make the roster. Like your perverted uncle at Hooters, Nellie can't get enough wings.

Notes: Anthony Morrow has yet to play a Summer League game due to a right ankle sprain. Anthony Randolph put up double figures in scoring and rebounding in the first two games with 20-10 and 24-11.


Trevor said...

Curry committed something like 4 fouls in his first 8 minutes to go along with a couple of turnovers, so it's nice to see he was able to keep a level head and pull through with a solid effort.... First I've heard of this Cartier Martin kid, wonder if the W's will have room for him?

Brian said...

You make a point in the lack of room on the roster for another wing player, however; Cartier Martin has looked good enough to keep around. I could see him sliding into Corey Maggette's role, as Maggette is prone to injury during the course of the season.