Thursday, July 9, 2009

Curry Signs Amidst Front Office Turmoil

Like most Americans in this wretched economy, the Warriors are in over their head. Reliable sources around the Bay Area confirm recent reports that Warriors owner Chris Cohen is looking to sell this team, and its likely to be a drawn out process.

Other news that makes Warriors fans uncomfortable are recent rumors the Warriors could be dumping off Andris Biedrins to the Suns for Amare Stoudamire, only to have Amare for a year and be rid of Biedrins' and the 5 years remaining on his contract and allow the Suns to get a great player in a repo like deal. It would be better to get rid of Stephen Jackson and Corey Magette, but no one wants them. It's never that easy.

Some positive news for the Warriors is the recent signing of rookie Stephen Curry. Curry's contract, which was finalized Wednesday Jul. 8, is reported to be close to $12.7 million over four years.

The future of this club remains blurry, but there are some talented young players that will bring the people out to Oracle. The 2006 "We Believe" band wagon fans may thin out, while those of us from the Antawn Jamison, Bimbo Coles, and Vonteego Cummings days will be last fans standing.

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