Friday, July 24, 2009

Orlando is Haven for Ex-Warriors

Apparently the Warriors are the minor league farm organization for the Orlando Magic. After struggling for playing time with the Warriors, Mickel Pietrus went over to the Magic and made a name for himself in last year's playoff run to the Finals, playing solid perimeter defense against LeBron James and hitting that signature corner three.

Recently the Magic have signed C.J. Watson, and now the once beloved Matt Barnes will join Orlando. There are similar scenarios in pro sports. In the NFL, ex-49ers seem to get picked up by the Raiders and the Broncos. In MLB, the Red Sox and Yankees constantly exchange help, dating back to Babe Ruth and in the modern era, Roger Clemens and Johnny Damon.

The Warriors, like the A's of baseball, are viewed as a minor league club, an entrance into a pro sports career. A place to rent a house and lease a car, not to buy.

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Myth of the Dream said...

great observation: the warriors need to have some patience wih thier young blood, and Nellie needs to give these players some court time. They are so obviously chomping at the bit and ready to give it thier all. If they can't do it for the Warriors, they will gladly do it for someone else.