Monday, July 20, 2009

Randolph Gets Team USA Invite

After an impressive performance in the Summer League, Anthony Randolph has received an invitation to try out for Team USA. The 20 year old Randolph will go back to Las Vegas for the three day try out.
I'm absolutely sure this recent accomplishment won't go to Anthony Randolph's ego at all. I'm proud of him taking his body and game to the next level. Comparisons to Lamar Odom would be selling Randolph short. (Odom is a candy eating underachieving who brings his A game out every 10 or so games. If Randolph continues to progress, he could take after Chris Bosh with his length and versatility.

Will the consideration for Team USA inflate his ego and make him more of a problem for the coaching staff or inspire him to continue his hard work that has delivered the successful results? Is Anthony Randolph the best player on the Golden State Warriors?

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Trevor said...

No, I don't think he's going to get to big-headed.

I think he has the potential to become the best player on this team eventually, but right now, I'd say Monta Ellis is probably the teams most valuable player at this point...