Sunday, July 5, 2009

Warriors Need Leadership

I really hope the Warriors get a new owner by October, when next season begins. Talk about a situation where there are way too many incompetent chiefs and misled Indians. Warriors fans are some of the best in the NBA...How the hell have we tolerated such poor products season after season?

The unrest in the front office has trickled down to the floor and held the Warriors back from establishing their presence as a power in the Western Conference. It's not like the fans have stopped supporting the team and lack of talent coming into the organization is no excuse. Why do we still continue to believe when the basketball world refuses to take us seriously? It's because Bay Area sports fans are loyal, intelligent sports fans and it will be all the more gratifying when the Warriors can pull it together and get to the next level. Until then, the reality is the Warriors need more than just a power forward. They need to get serious about winning, which starts at the top.

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