Tuesday, October 13, 2009

2009-10 Western Conference Predictions

2009-10 Western Conference Playoff Predictions & Power

1. Lakers- Only got better adding Artest, important retaining Odom. Best in the NBA are only better as Kobe makes his run at Jordan the next three seasons.

2. Blazers- Andre Miller makes good bench great by adding veteran leader to deep, talented roster.

3. Nuggets- Rookie Ty Lawson should make immediate impact, bench second to Portland.

4. Spurs -Richard Jefferson insurance for potential Manu injury, as rookie Wagner is for Duncan. If no injuries, Spurs contend with L.A. to rep West in Finals

5. Mavs- Dirk, J-Kidd, Josh Howard, and new addition Shawn Marion, not to mention the league's best sixth man J Terry...Reminds me of the Suns team five years ago.

6. Jazz- D-Will leads familiar nucleus. Second best half court executing team to the Lakers, toughest to beat at home.

7. Hornets- Omeka Okafor upgrade from Tyson Chandler, not enough depth to contend in playoffs.

8. Grizzlies- Iverson will help in beginning, but not finish the season. This allows backcourt to be more fresh down the stretch and into the playoffs.
___________________________________________________________________ (Not in Playoffs)

9. Suns- Nash, Hill older, and not as many shooters. I hate to think of the post-Nash rebuilding years.

10. Rockets-No Yao means no playoffs. McGrady's health still questionable and Ariza overrated.

11. Thunder- Two years and a center away from being a playoff team. Best young team in the league.

12. Warriors- Brandan Wright's injury doesn't help already depleted front line. Warriors will be laughing stock outside of Stephen Curry. He'll be the diamond in the rough.

13. Clippers- Better then last season, not by much. Injuries to Baron and Kaman highly probable.

14. Timberwolves- Good young talent, Jefferson top 3 big, but still rebuilding next 2-4 years.

15. Kings- Like T'Wolves, plenty of young talent with undefined NBA roles. This season will be a cacophony of growing pains in Sac-town.

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