Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ex-Warrior is New Assistant Coach

The Warriors are not finished making moves for the summer. Unfortunately it did not materialize in the form of a capable power forward, rather an assistant coach. Larry Riley chose to sign former Warrior Calbert Cheaney to "help with the development of the players."

This is a good move. The Warriors are the youngest team in the NBA and Don Nelson is an older coach. Cheaney is 39, and will likely play good cop opposite Don Nelson as the bad cop. Cheaney will be a veteran presence this young team needs. A mentor for young impressionable NBA players, Chaeaney will be there on a personal level. Think Crash Davis from Bull Durham.

The acquisition of Cheaney could also signal Don Nelson moving to Hawaii for good. March comes around, Nelson has the All-Time wins record and the draft is the light at the end of the tunnel). Cheaney will move up the ranks if the opportunity presents itself.

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