Saturday, August 29, 2009

Stephen Jackson Wants Trade

Stephen Jackson wants to be traded from the Warriors before this season. Jackson has already hired an agent to negotiate a trade to move the Warriors forward.

The shocking news hit the press at a Protege block party in New York and developed in an interview with Dime magazine as Jackson was quoted "...things are up in the air right now. I just want to go somewhere I can win a championship."

Jackson suggested "Either Cleveland, anywhere in Texas, or out here with Al (Harrington) in New York."

The last part of that quote is not a typo, Jackson said he wants to win a championship...with "Al" New York. The only way Jackson is going to win a championship in New York is if he buys Yankees season tickets. I'll stop there because this isn't about the Knicks, Al Harrington, or Stephen Jackson.

This is another front office failure by a team no one takes seriously. There has to be something brewing behind closed doors and I am inclined to suspect Don Nelson's liver spotted hands are involved. First of all, why the hell did the Warriors renegotiate Jackson's contract next year? That was the mastermind of team president Robert Rowell, the putz who started calling shots and ran Chris Mullen out of town. Jackson had some good years as a Warrior, but his departure will only improve the Warriors shooting percentage as a team, but will lower the already low chances of making the playoffs this season. Jack should have been moved last year and this could have been a thing of the past. Now, the young Warriors team will be distracted with drama a month before the new season begins.

Stephen Jackson played Robert Rowell for a fool. The way Stephen Jackson views his soon-to-be former team is the way everyone in the NBA sees the Warriors: Gullible, disorganized, unprofessional, non-contenders, incompetent, inexperienced, laughing stock, player unfriendly, losers.

The Stephen Jackson ordeal emphasizes the ineptitude of the Golden State front office in judging the character of players. This team has a loser owner in Cohen that would sell his family as a package deal at a garage sale, an unqualified vigilante team president in Robert Rowell, and an aged coach in Don Nelson who could split the scene for Hawaii at any given time. The Warriors are the youngest team in the NBA and confidence cannot be high with all the uncertainty from top to bottom.

Forget the playoffs Warriors fans, this is not 2006. No Baron, no J-Rich, no Jack, no Harrington. Monta Ellis is not far behind Jackson in terms of looking for the exit sign above the door. This team is a season away from being the laughing stock they were in the late 90's. In this poor economy, the Warriors are just another bad business.

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