Saturday, August 1, 2009

Warriors Deal Belinelli for George

Marco Belinelli is on the Raptors and the Warriors welcome Deavan George and a duffel bag of cash from Toronto. The Raptors got a superb deal here, similar to buying a distressed property off some poor schmuck that bit off more than he could chew. That poor schmuck would be your Golden State Warriors.

The motivation for this trade was to get an expiring contract and to clear more cap room after this upcoming season. It's just that the Warriors have a long list of players that have successful careers after leaving the Bay Area, and I'm afraid Belinelli will be another name on this list. The departure of Belinelli also places more pressure on Anthony Morrow, who will see more minutes and could very well be the starting off guard until rookie Stephen Curry shows he is capable of handling NBA speed, let alone Don Nelson speed.

The Belinelli trade emphasizes how professional sports today are all about business. Winning championships comes second to making profit (for the owners who call the shots). Deavan George will see some minutes, depending on the health of Corey Maggette, but he does not make the W's a better team nor does he loosen the wing log jam. I often hear sports fans of previous generations say things like (in best geezer voice), "there's no loyalty to team anymore," or "These guys only care about the money, not the game."

These are the same people that still don't use e-mail. (There are plenty of technology proficient boomers out there, so bite me if you think this is age discrimination) But seriously, if the aforementioned attitudes are yours, just follow college sports! (Except USC which is semi-pro) The NBA, like all professional sports, is a business and owners are forced to make difficult decisions. So remember that it's just business when in two years Belinelli goes for 25 against his former Warriors team that has failed to reach the Playoffs since 2006-07.


RapFanGuy said...

DG - little or no upside
MB - with time, confidence building and commitment....big upside.

Think Manu G. - if he commits to becoming more of a slasher/shooter as well as committing to becoming a better defensive player.

Would be a great addition to a team which spaces the floor (i.e. take it to the rim more) and shares the ball.

Rebounding? effort and commitment once again...over to Jay T. to instill the right attitude/message in a still very young player.

T.O. = 1 G.S. = nil


Jason said...

Great sports blog man. I'm going to visit here more often. I have a sports blog myself and I would like to exchange links with you. Let me know. Jason

Myth of the Dream said...

I liked Belinelli! I am curious what this coming year will be like, and what Nellie will do with the talent we have been able to keep.