Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Warriors Summer Notes

Well, we're right in the middle of the NBA off-season, and there really hasn't been much new going on in Warriorland! So I figured now would be a good time just to do a "semi-state of the Warriors adress".

Late last month, the Warriors sent Marco Bellinelli to the Raptors for Devean George, in nothing more than a move of roster and salary space, and it appears the Warriors are done making moves this summer. I would like to think they're still may be some doors open to them, as they still are a team with some flaws, but the closer we get to October, the less likely the chance of seeing a major more or an addition of another need follows. Earlier in the summer, everyone wanted to talk about Amare Stoudemire and the proposed "Warriors-Suns" swap. However, nothing ever materialized, and the Warriors will most likely head into the 2009-10 season exactly as they stand now, and they're going to have to rely on maturity from their yougsters to carry them to the playoffs this year.

Speaking of which, they did have a few guys step up and have some nice showings in the summer league, which is a very good sign. Anthony Randolph, who finished off last season extremly strong, went to Vegas this summer and polished his game even more. He looks a bit bigger in the upper body, which should help him out down low battling for rebounds, and his ball-handling and offense keeps getting better as he gains more confidence. Stephen Curry, the other young Warriors' star to suit up in the Summer League, had himself a nice run as well. He wasn't quite as dominant as Randolph was, and did show some areas that need to be improved upon, but for the most part, he looked a lot like he did at Davidson, handling the ball with ease and making the three-point line look like the free-throw stripe. The W's have an extremly young squad that should take them pretty far, eventually, but it may take them a year or two to all get on the same page. When they do, look out!


TSR said...

I love A Randolph...he'll be special...rare talent.

Anonymous said...

Randolph is awesome.. I'm a Suns fan and I desperately wanted the Amare Stoudemire rumored deal to include Randolph and Biedrins. That would have been awesome! HEy, maybe it could still happen, there's still some time left in the off-season.