Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Impeach Robert Rowell!

I think I was a little harsh on Stephen Jackson and Monta Ellis last night. They can't help the fact they were coddled their whole lives and don't need to honor contracts like us common folk.
The blame falls on Chris Cohan and more so, Robert Rowell. These two suits are more incompetent than the guys from Night at the Roxbury. Neither know anything about basketball.

The Warriors are in the same situation as their NFL neighbors, the Oakland Raiders. They are victims of poor management. As the Raiders will not make the playoffs until after Al Davis dies, so the Warriors will not begin to improve until a post-Cohan era. Hopefully, when a new owner buys the team (which isn't expected to happen anytime soon), hopefully they fire Robert Rowell. Seriously, what has he done positive for this team? Nothing. What has he done to make the Warriors worse? Plenty. 1.) Piss of Monta Ellis 2.) Run Chris Mullen out of town 3.) Sign Stephen Jackson to a stupid $35 million contract.

Robert Rowell is the George W. Bush of Bay Area sports. An idiot puppet that can't help but attract hate and screw things up.

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