Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Jackson, Ellis Unhappy on Media Day

Poor Stephen Curry. What is he doing on a team of losers and awful human beings? Curry is a rookie and has more maturity than Stephen Jackson and Monta Ellis will ever have in their lives. The Warriors have done nothing, but reward the latter two players with big contracts, only stabbed from behind by these treacherous rats.

There should be a law in the NBA to prevent players from leveraging against teams that invest big money in multi year deals. For instance, inter-organizational fines for public trade requests and or if a player bails like Jackson wants, he must sit out a year before getting reinstated. Never gonna happen.

Trade Jackson. What a lowlife, riding Baron's coat tails to a contract he didn't deserve. Solid basketball player, far from great, and a scumbag through and through. When the season starts, and the Warriors haven't shoveled the pile of Jackson excrement over the fence, fans at Oracle will be quite upset. If you have lower level seats, do not vocalize your displeasure too loudly as Jackson will run into the stands to fight you. Second thought, please do that. Maybe someone could provoke him. Stephen, I wish you the worst.

Please send Monta Ellis out along with Jackson. We get it, you hate the Warriors for fining you $3 mill. Now it's the Warriors problem you messed up? You are not that good, with your bad ankle, bad knee, and no basketball I.Q. At this point, I'll take Curry over you any day.

Jackson is hopeless and must be traded, but Ellis' attitude is salvageable if they get rid of Jackson ASAP. The most important player is Randolph, followed by Curry and Biedrins. Okay, now you can start rebuilding. Again.


craig said...

TRUE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lee said...

Nice Blog :)

Lee said...

Nice Blog :)