Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Jackson Fined by NBA

Stephen Jackson will be fined $25,000 by the NBA for publicly requesting to be traded Aug. 28. Despite the Warriors pacifistic approach to the situation, the NBA believes Jackson's behavior is detrimental to the League as a whole. The last player to incur this penalty, ironically, is Jackson's former team mate and tag team partner "Ron Ron" Artest from the Q.B.

As I watch the NBA step in where the Warriors did not, I can't help but compare the situation to domestic violence. Stephen Jackson is the abusive husband with his beer stained wife-beater tank top and the Warriors are the battered wife, afraid to stand up for herself in fear of awakening her husband's rage. The NBA is the police called by the neighbors (the media) and are obligated to arrest someone: Jackson.

My intention is not to marginalize a serious subject (violence at home), but the Warriors do not deserve Jackson's abuse. Don Nelson supposedly communicated with Jackson and has assured everyone that all is copacetic. I'll (maybe) believe it when Jackson stands up in front of the Bay Area media and publicly apologizes for speaking so recklessly.

Suppose Jackson decides he wants to make good and apologize. Will the fans believe him? As a team mate of Jackson's, how would you feel about the team if your captain and leader has basically indicated he doesn't want to play with a team of losers. Jackson's perception has taken regressive step backward to what is was in 2005: Out of control thug and team cancer. Did the Pacers get the best of the 2006 deal? At least some Warriors fans are able to pull that yellow "We Believe" shirt out of their dresser. I enjoyed all the Jackson memories, but Troy Murphy and Mike Dunleavy look pretty good right now.

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