Friday, October 16, 2009

2009-10 Eastern Conference Predictions

2009-10' Eastern Conference Playoff Predictions & Power Rankings

1. Celtics- Would have been nice to have Rasheed Wallace last year went KG went down. Back to being a defensive powerhouse. Depth will get them far, but not all the way.

2. Magic- Magic add VC, lose Turkoglu. Dwight Howard always gives them a chance to win, but team will go as far as Jameer Nelson takes them.

3. Cavs- Tough to live up to last year's 66 wins, won't be as good as last year. Shaq no match for Dwight Howard. Championship or not, this is LeBron's last season in Cleveland.

4. Hawks- Loads of offense, lack of commitment to play defense stands in the way of playing in the Conference championship.

5. Heat- D-Wade surrounded by an army of three point snipers should make for potent attack. Defense is questionable, separating Heat from top 3 in the East.

6. Pacers- Good combination of established veterans and young talent. Unfortunate injuries kept them out last year, shouldn't be the case this season.

7. Bulls- A full season with John Salmons should negate the loss of Ben Gordon. Interesting to see if young talent will show development, especially after last year's first round thriller against the Celts.

8. 76ers- Lou Williams steps in for departed Andre Miller at the point. Williams is a better scorer, but not a pass first mentality like Miller. Elton Brand will never play a full season the remainder of his career.


(not in playoffs)

9. Pistons- The loss of Chauncey Billups and Rasheed Wallace show signs of rebuilding. Not enough minutes and touches for both Ben Gordon, Rip Hamilton, and Rodney Stuckey. I'm not sold on Charlie Villanueva.

10. Raptors- Turkoglu won't be as effective without Howard and Lewis.
11. Wizards- This team has the talent to make the playoffs, but injuries will leave the Wizards with a skeleton crew down the stretch...again.

12. Bucks- Lot's of young talent, no defense or chemistry.

13. Bobcats- Another mediocre year for the Bobcats.

14. Nets- The Nets won't win many games, but Devin Harris will have a killer year for fantasy hoops players...if that means anything.

15. Knicks- Knicks will dwell in the basement another year dreaming of LeBron and high draft pick next off-season . That is, unless Jay-Z and the Russian zillionaire can lure King James to Brooklyn in 2010.


Trevor Cole said...

What? Cavs third??? I say they should be the Eastern favorites. LeBron is hungry and even though Shaq isn't the Shaq of 2000, having him on the roster will give the Cavs the confidence that they can handle anyone. This team will be tough to stop in 2009-'10.

Brian said...

Thanks for commenting, Trevor! You may be right, it's tough to bet against LeBron. Maybe the Cavs will finish #1 in the East, but I've seen this story too many times:Bron puts up big numbers, but the supporting cast eventually falters. It never ends pretty for King James and thats why he'll be in New York or Brooklyn next season.