Saturday, October 24, 2009

Curry will be a starter

Stephen Curry tallied 14 points, 10 rebounds, 6 rebounds, and 6 steals in the Warriors pre-season win over the Hornets Thursday night at Oracle.
Don Nelson likes Curry and will play him. Curry is mature beyond his age, does what Nelson says, and can flat out shoot. If given the playing time, which seems likely, Curry will win the rookie of the year award. Blake Griffin is great, but he is surrounded by too many other proven players. In Golden State, Curry assumes a role of greater responsibility and will get the minutes to amass big numbers.

It's difficult to keep Morrow out of the starting line-up, but the Warriors need someone to take care of the ball, as Morrow and Ellis are both better off the ball players. If Ellis struggles, I would like to see Morrow and Curry play together.
Despite the drama and frustration, I am excited for the beginning of another season. I am intrigued with all that could be. Will Anthony Morrow carry his blistering .519 three point shooting percentage into the regular season? Can Anthony Randolph play well enough to stay in Don Nelson's line-up? Will Curry and Ellis build chemistry (at least on offense)? Will Stephen Jackson finish the season as a Warrior?

Speaking of Jackson (I couldn't make a post and not mention Jack)...He is not as untradeable as he was over the past month. Granted, he had a bad showing in the Oct. 9 pre-season game against the Lakers, letting Kobe get under his skin. To Jack's credit, he came back Oct. 20 and played well against Kobe and the Lakers, scoring 15 points, dishing out 10 assists, and shooting 4-7 from 3-point range.

How can Cav's G.M.Danny Ferry not be all over Jackson? Sure, Jack has a beefy contract for a 31 year old, but come on. The Cavs are going to have trouble getting past the magic and Celts, they need a guy that hit big shots and make free throws when LeBron gets doubled and quintuple teamed every time he steps in the lane. Shaq won't make clutch free throws and might not be healthy to shoot them in June. Jackson is the perfect guy for Cleveland's defense first philosophy. He can match up on Paul Pierce, Vince Carter, and maybe Kobe if the Cavs face the Lakers in the finals.

Don't let Jackson go for nothing! He can be disruptive when disgruntled, but he can play out of his mind when fired up.

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